Peak Ergonomic Chair

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An ergonomic workstation is incomplete without a high-quality, fully-adjustable chair - Introducing the Peak Chair!

Even with a standing desk, we often spend a significant amount of time sitting, and it's crucial not to compromise on the health benefits you've gain while standing.

Enhance your setup with the Peak ergonomic chair, ensuring perfect posture throughout your long work days. Experience exceptional comfort, support, and adjustability for optimal well-being and productivity.

Specifications & Technicals
  • Adjustable Height, Seat Length, Headrest, Armrest, Back Support & Seat Tilt
  • Flexible Lumbar Support
  • Smooth Recline (5 Lockable Positions)


  • Supports up to 350lbs
  • Height Range: 18" to 21"
  • Tilt Range: 22°
  • Seat Dimensions: 20”L x 20”W
  • Back Dimensions: 21”W x 22”H
  • 5 Casters
  • 100% Earth-Friendly Materials


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The Peak Ergonomic Chair comes with

2-Year Warranty

Peak Ergonomic Chair come with a 2-year warranty.

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Fully Adjustable

Extreme Flexibility To Follow Your Slightest Movements

The Peak Chair is designed to adapt to your body, providing exceptional comfort and support. With its flexible and fully-adjustable back, you can maintain optimal posture throughout the day. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to ergonomic excellence!

Designed For All Body Types

Adjustable Seat & Armrests

Whether you are short or tall, the Peak Chair is designed to accommodate individuals of all heights. You can easily adjust the seat length to ensure your knees are positioned at a comfortable 90° angle, with your feet resting firmly on the ground. Additionally, the adjustable armrests provide flexibility to accommodate varying body widths, allowing you to find the perfect fit for optimal support and comfort.

Say Goodbye To Back Pain

Comfortable & Supportive Lumbar Support

Enhance your sitting experience with the Peak Chair, featuring adjustable tension and a wide range of recline options up to 22°. With the ability to lock into 5 key positions, each meticulously designed to maintain spinal stability and provide optimal lumbar support. The chair is enveloped in an ultra-breathable woven mesh that offers gentle resistance, promoting perfect posture and all-day comfort.

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