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Our mission

To provide attractive and innovative desks, enabling people to elevate their productivity at work.

Canadian sustainable forest. Multiple green trees with small passage. Woodworker cutting a maple wood plank on a work bench with cutting tools



Each one of our three signature desks; the Pioneer, the Achiever and the Visionary are unique and can fit in all existing office style.

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A word from our founders

Getting a standing desk has taken my productivity to a whole new level, and that's what I want for you too.

Alexis Lavoie-Lagueux
Alexis Lavoie-Lagueux

Working on a solid-wood standing desk that is both luxurious and high-quality, there is nothing more enjoyable and satisfying.

Michaël Jasmin
Michaël Jasmin

burotic's standing desks are adapted for tall and short people. I am 6'6 feet tall and the desks fit me perfectly.

Jérémy Lavoie-Lagueux
Jérémy Lavoie-Lagueux